ICT Consulting

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ICT Consulting

  • Information and Communications Technology Consulting is an integral part of modern business including :
  • Efficient online services
  • Sophisticated spatial and transportation systems
  • Complex communications and IT networks

Proficient Business Services (PBS) provides expert consultancy that covers the full lifecycle of the design and implementation of these systems. With our expertise, we ensuring that the ICT strategy is comprehensive, the design is robust, the implementation is successful and the ongoing management delivers the benefit.

This comprehensive approach covers a wide range of disciplines including enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems engineering, and service management. We also understand the importance ICT play in business services, be it a new public service or a new building construction project, to adopt a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders and delivers fully integrated solutions.

Information and Communications Technology Consulting include the following areas:

  • Information security – We understand and implement the procedures and processes to deliver systems in a highly secure environment.
  • Identity management – We have implemented and managed many groundbreaking identity systems including facial recognition, retina scanning, and fingerprint scanning as a part of access control, time clocking, and other biometric systems.
  •  Collaboration – We have played an active role as project lead in collaboration technologies, participating in the EU initiative on innovative collaboration technologies, as well as research at Imperial College on collaboration networks.
  •  Geospatial – We’ve collaborated with industry leaders Atkins’ Geospatial Team specializes in the capture and use of geospatial data, and in the design and implementation of geographical information systems (GIS).
  •  ICT in construction – When it comes to designing ICT for technology rich buildings with complex user needs such as airports, hospitals, educational institutions, and other major physical infrastructures our experience and skills are par-none.
  •  High Integrity Systems – The integrity of the solutions we offer is guaranteed due to our culture of technology testing in-house prior to implementation and deployment. We have been involved in High Integrity software development for over 25 years.
  •  Software engineering – We take pride in our ability to rapidly design and deliver operational systems to meet our clients’ requirements. Our vendor independence and proficiency in a wide range of technologies enable us to produce solutions ranging from configured off-the-shelf systems to mobile and web applications.
  •  Asset management – We provide comprehensive asset management systems to a diverse portfolio of clients.
  •  Software assurance – We offer a comprehensive, independent software assurance service, covering testing and qualification (Independent Verification and Validation – IV & V)

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Our business continuity solution is designed to quickly revive your network when issues occur ensuring that your employee's productivity isn’t hampered. With very consistent data backup and server replication, your data is protected even from the most devastating acts and natural disasters. If there’s a problem, files can be restored quickly with minimal interruptions.

Did You Know ?

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become critical business tools, essential in any workplace, educational or entertainment environment

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