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Cisco helps seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. An integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships, working together to identify our customer's needs and provide solutions that fuel their success.

We have preserved this keen focus on solving business challenges since our founding in 1984. Len Bosack and wife Sandy Lerner, both working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other from their respective offices, but technological shortcomings did not allow such communication. A technology had to be invented to deal with disparate local area protocols, and as a result of solving their challenge, the multiprotocol router was born.

Networking platform integrations and ecosystem

Networking platforms integrate across a broad range of cloud, endpoint, IT, and security technology partner systems. Likewise, with traditionally siloed network domains, organizations need a holistic network infrastructure strategy across the entire enterprise network.

It should be possible for IT and business intent to be expressed in one domain and then exchanged, enforced, and monitored across all of them. Cisco open-platform strategy provides policy integrations between access, WAN, data center, and cloud domains.

For example, Cisco ACI and Cisco SD-Access policy integration map Cisco ACI application-based micro-segmentation in the data center with Cisco SD-Access user group-based segmentation across the campus and branch. Now security administrators can automate and manage end-to-end segmentation seamlessly with uniform access policies; from the user to the application. With such segmentation, policies can be set that allow IoT devices to access specific applications in the data center or allow only financial executives and auditors to access confidential data. This is just one example of how Cisco solutions are enabling consistent multidomain policy segmentation and assurance for end-to-end alignment to business intent.

In addition to simplifying NetOps and helping ensure full end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting, Cisco Networking platforms integrate with the Cisco; Thousand Eyes; internet and cloud monitoring system so that problems can be quickly identified and rectified regardless of whether the problem occurs on the private or public network.